The terms and conditlon set out below form of the Vehicle RentalAgreement between The Company (SMART DMGON VISION SDN BHD) & You (The Hire). The Hire with his / her signature acknowledged that received the vehicle in proper operating and good in condition.

01 The said vehicle shall be driven by the mentioned Hire or authorizes driver that filled in as the Particulars page only.
02 The Hire should understand and follow the traffic rules and law of Malaysia. Hire should responsible for all traffic violation summonses during the hire period. We reserved the right to hold back the security deposit until the traffic summonses clear.
03 Deposit of RM300 will hold for 10 days until agent check the parking and traffic summonses incurred for the duration of the rental.
04 Agent offers a grace period of 59 minutes on the last day, after which late return charges and extra hours are as follow:
- Extra hours calculated at one fifth of the standard Daily Rate (SDR), per hour up to maximum of five (5) hours.
- A full day's rate (SDR) will be charged for cars returned after the sixih hour (6) Hours.
05 All cars are strictly prohibited from being driven into Singapore and Thailand. lf have to drive in to both country. Please inform agent before sign lhe agreement.
06 The Hire should responsible and bear the cost of damages which is caused by negligence or lnsurance suspected case during the Hire period. The vehicle will not be covered by any insurance policy should the vehicle involved in any accident and or being damaged while being used on grounds not being specified as normal road such as project site road and off road trail. Off-road is prohibited. Misused should be liable for penalty charges from the company. The Hire should bear for the necessary access fees once if vehicle claim of Insurance and responsible for the compensation damage to our company.
07 The Hire undertakes to return the vehicle to the designated place and time as agreed. Otherwise, additional charges will be applied to the Hire depending on total time frame. Should the Hire wishes to extend the rental period, a new Rental Agreement must be filled and signed, all appropriate rental fee are paid, failing of which the vehicle is considered to be driven illegal and without insurance coverage.
08 The Hire will be charged for loses of key or key set replacement and delivery charge applied. lf towing required, contracted rates apply.
09 Lost or stolen equipment / accessories / parts / tools will be resulted in charged by the Company.
10 The vehicle must be returned with lhe amount of fuel equal to that at the time of rental (stated at Particulars page) or equally monies to refuel it at the price of the number of litter of fuel.
11 Full payment included of security deposit should be made before handling over said vehicle to Hire. A cleaning fee will be applied for excessive interior or exterior.
12 lllegal activities are strictly prohibited such as racing, robber, drugs, smuggling, firearm and etc. lf found guilty or misused the vehicle, the company will not be responsible for any crimes committled by the Hire.
13 All accidents must be reported immediately to the Company. Hire should responsible for all damage and lost occurred during the rental period. The company reserved the right to not extend or to cancel the contract at anytime for any reason.

The vehicle will not be covered by any insurance policy. lf any accidents happen during in rental agreement, the renter need to bear all cost of repair to the rental car, including the third party damages (if applies) and loss of use. Repair cost more than RM1,500.00, the renter can claim under our company with condition the renter need to pay the rental fees since the vehicle send to repair until complete.

I hereby understand and accepted the terms and conditions and will responsible for all consequences during the rental period from DATED.
14 All maintenance based on fair wear and tear are covered with the rental rate. Should the rental vehicle is sublected to rough usage such as hitting over a divider, pothole, hard objects, curbs or any action which cause the tire to tear or the rim to dent or crack, dropping to lower gear manually at high speed cause damage to the gear box or any sort usage which is against the capacity of the vehicle or against the manufacturers reiommended usage; then hirer must bear all cost of repair.
  The followings are need to bear from the renter when happen accident during in rental agreement:
- Flat battery, if hirer left the lights on to drain the battery;
- Damage caused by refueling with the wrong fuel type (e.g. using diesel on rental vehicle that runs on petrol);
- Damage to the interior of rental vehicle (e.g.caused by stains, any kind of burns, scratches, tearing).