I love design
Website design has grabbed my attention since high school. I love the process of design because I can open up and unleash unlimited ideas and concepts to be delivered effectively. Since design is subjective, I believe that there are a lot more possibilities and styles to be explored, especially in the industry of commercial designs.

I am confident in my design
Equipped with my background in art and design, additional knowledge in technical systems, I am confident that I would become a successful web designer. I had fully completed my 3 years Diploma in Multimedia Design and 1 year Bachelor of Multimedia Design in Swinburne University of Technology.

My education of design
My education background has enabled me to gain a wide range of understanding for design principles, interactive design and various design mediums.

Good communication
By going through all the years in college and industry experiences, I have been well-trained and effective in communication when it comes to group work. I have strong understanding on website programming knowledge, particularly HTML and CSS, which makes it easier in the process of website designing.



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